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Professional equipment at work –
transshipment equipment

When un-, re- or loading, we rely on professional equipment. Regular maintenance ensures safety and the continuity of on-the-spot usage for our plants and machinery. The transhipment is handled safely and just-in-time.

Luffing cranes up to 10 t

Luffing cranes allow for a versatile usage e.g. when handling bulk goods as well as general cargo (wire, round steel, square steel).

Wheelers up to 9 t

Wheeler are used as solid yet mobile all-rounder on the whole premises for bulk goods (chippings, coal, recycling goods).

Fork lifters up to 8 t

Fork lifters are customized to the turnover of general cargo (e.g. round steel, wire, copper and thresholds).

Hydraulic excavator

Hydraulic excavators are suitable for the turnover of e.g. bulk goods and pressed material. The excavator can be used on the whole premises and facilitates exact and detailed works.

Hall bridge crane up to 10 t

Hall bridge cranes are located in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse. Therefore, they are ideally suitable for storing in multilevel shelves.

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