Goods of turnover

We move everything

hall storage

we keep the overview and store according to the highest standards


360° degree logistic concepts

As a universal port for general cargo, bulk- and recycling goods, our logistic concept interconnects the channel-, rail- and road network for your transport requirements. So, your goods can easily reach Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp and then the rest of the world. Of course, our services also comprise

  • storage,
  • picking,
  • processing shipping documents
  • as well as checking in- and outcoming goods

A tough job – professionally and customised

The Stadthafen Lünen is perfectly prepared for „hard labour“. We are your partner when it comes to storing and handling heavy goods or large amounts. We generally provide only open paved storage for wire, chippings and other bulk goods.

For a safe and fast handling we use cranes with a lifting capacity of  up to10 t.
On the following pages you will find detailed information regarding the facilities of Stadthafen Lünen.

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