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Stadthafen Lünen – Logistic hub in the eastern Ruhr since 1967

Lünen is one of the logistic core centres in NRW. Via the Datteln-Hamm channel and the European waterways as well as the rail net, Stadthafen Lünen is connected with the most important economic centres of the big ARA-Ports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) and the ports in the north of Germany. You can easily reach the entire Ruhr, Sauerland, East-Westfalia and Siegerland from Lünen.

Kamen 15 km
Altena 60 km
Gevelsberg 49 km
Bielefeld 110 km
Lüdenscheid 60 km
Münster 52 km

As a branch channel, the Datteln-Hamm channel connects the city of Hamm with the Dortmund-Ems canal – therewith it is connected to the European waterways. The district Unna itself is the interface of four motorway junctions which combines north-south and east-west axes. A third way of transport is shipping cargo via rail.

This opens the gates to the most vital trading and turnover centres of Europe. According to your individual requirements and goods we look after a logistic concept in the multi-modal door-to-door handling.

Transport routes

canal (via Datteln-Hamm canal)
track (via Railion, harbour connective rail)
road (via B54, B236, A1and A2)
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