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Rules and regulations for the port

For a good cooperation please note

  1. Please behave on the whole premises in such a way, that nobody will be endangered, neither harmed nor hampered or bothered.
  2. It is forbidden to use bit lights, crane facilities, quay + retaining clips for fixing.
  3. In case of damage to the port facilities, the port master has to be informed immediately on +49 (0)2306 / 208 534
  4. It is forbidden to pollute the port premises.
  5. You have to take special care of transhipment and shunting operations.

Legal regulations

The Regulation for Shipment and Transhipment in ports of 08 January 2000/NRW as well as the Regulation of the city council of Lünen dated 20 March 2002 is applicable here.

Within reach of the port you will find

Shopping facilities distance
ALDI (supermarket) approx. 1km
Lidl incl. bakery approx. 1km
DIY shop (Toom Markt) 50m
City centre approx. 2km
Railway station approx 4km
Taxis telephone numbers
Taxi Fähnrich +49 (0)2306 / 960600
Südtaxen +49 (0)2306 / 3333
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