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AGB-equivalent to: General terms and conditions

Stadthafen Lünen GmbH operates exclusively on the basis of the „Allgemeinen Deutsche Spediteurbedingungen (ADSp) latest edition (equivalent to: German Freight Forwarders Standard Terms and Conditions).

These limit in §23 the legal liability for damage to goods according to §431 HGB for damage in freight forwarders behold to 5 €/kg. For multimodal transports, incl. sea transports to 2 SZR/kg , as well as 1m euros resp. 2m or 2 SZR/kg depending on the case of damage resp. incident depending which is higher.§27 ADSp cannot be regarded upon as an agreement for the maximum amounts for liability according to section 25 Montreal Treaty.

You can download the complete ADSp as a PDF-File

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